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Insalada Stake Pool

Independent pool helping to define the future of the economy.

Server Specs

  • CPU: Intel Xeon
  • RAM: 16GB DDR3 ECC
  • SSD: SoftRaid 2x2TB
  • Network: 100Mpbs

Server Reliability

  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Triple Electrical Supply
  • 99,99% Network SLA
  • Unlimited Traffic


Delegating your ADA is simple. You need an official testnet wallet ( Daedalus - Yoroi ), and your ADA need to have been in the blockchain before the snapshot (November 2019); when the testnet was forked from the mainnet.

Beware of scammers: only use an official wallet, and never transfer your ADA to someone else's. Not even a pool. Delegation doesn't require moving your ADA. If someone ask you to, they are most likely trying to scam you.

Once you have a testnet wallet, you need to: check your balance, create a rewards wallet, and, finally, delegate.

If you would like delegate to us, you only need to look for our ticker - INSL - from the delegation center of your testnet wallet. Make sure to double check our pool id before you commit. Now you are all set to earn the rewards.

INSL on Explorer: 93756c507946c4d33d582a2182e6776918233fd622193d4875e96dd5795a348c

INSL on Pool Tool: 93756c507946c4d33d582a2182e6776918233fd622193d4875e96dd5795a348c

INSL on Ada Pools: 93756c507946c4d33d582a2182e6776918233fd622193d4875e96dd5795a348c



How to check your balance

How to stake your ADA

Pool Operators Resources

If you are a pool operator, or would like to become one, we've got you covered . We've written a set of scripts to help you manage your node; and a guide to install, configure, and run a pool on Debian stable. These are written for the current Cardano node architecture, and will be updated and adapted to the newly announced Haskell version, as soon as we will have migrated our pool (and tested it). Follow insaladaPool on Twitter for updates.

jor_wrapper and node_helpers are a set of scripts to help pool operators manage their nodes. These spun off Chris G ".bash_profile". They have been ported to bash (scripts), with improvements over some of the commands, with some adaptations to the NACG guide setup, and with the addition of new features as well.

Not Another Cardano Guide is written with experienced users in mind. Things like creating a GitHub account, creating and using a pair of ssh keys, are a given. If you think you need help with those - there's nothing wrong with it - you should refer to Chris's guide for newbs. NACG won't reinvent the wheel either, and it will point you to IOHK's offcial guide and scripts , when it's time to create, fund, and register your pool.

Follow the white rabbit to learn about them, and for future updates. We hope that they can be helpful to you.