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This is the old ITN/Jormungandr related website, and it is to be considered obsolete. Some information has been added to point out the current state of the art, to point out what's old and what's new.

A brand new redesigned website and more info will be coming soon. Follow SALAD on Twitter for updates.

Owner Info

Insalada Stake Pool - ticker SALAD - is an independently run Cardano Stake Pool, powered by a three-Jormungandr-nodes cluster, and managed by an idealist team of one. My core values and a conviction for Open Source led me to Cardano. I strongly believe Cardano is laying the foundation for a new and better society. This is what drives me, and makes me work daily to constantly improve both my pool and the ecosystem wherever is possible.

I've been a Linux professional for over a decade. I first and foremost fell in love with Linux, Copyleft, and Open Source 20 years ago, for the strong philanthropic aspect of it all. I immediately believed that they could change the world for the better, and dedicated myself to them. I became more technical and started working with Linux at a later stage. I worked at banks, Internet Service Providers, publishing companies, Vodafone, Hewlett-Packard and more. I used to teach about Linux and the Open Source philosophy at Linux User Groups, events and fairs. Also to friends and family, even if they mostly made fun of me because of my conviction for Open Source. Time told us a different story though, and Linux is now more successful than ever, slowly but steadily taking over the world, one sector at the time, fostering innovation for both the digital and the physical world.

I contribute with guides and code, both to other projects and my original content, released with an open-source license. I firmly believe that it can revolutionize the world. This is why I run the Insalada Stake Pool, ticker SALAD.

I hope you share the same values and would trust SALAD with your staking. Follow SALAD on Twitter for updates.


Delegating your ADA is coming in August for Shelley, and it will be as simple as using an official wallet, ( Daedalus - Yoroi), and choosing the ticker from the GUI. An official guide from the Cardano Foundation has been published on the forum, and it's a comprehensive resource to help you staking; you can find it here.

Beware of scammers: only use an official wallet, and never transfer your ADA to someone else's. Not even a pool. Delegation doesn't require moving your ADA. If someone ask you to, they are most likely trying to scam you.

If you would like delegate to SALAD, you only need to look for our ticker - SALAD - from the delegation center of your testnet wallet.Beware of the clones/fakes out there. Always check @insaladaPool pinned message for the current ticker(s) and correct Pool ID(s), before you commit.

If you do delegate to SALAD, I would love to hear from you and and take good care of our delegate. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

SALAD on Pool Tool: e29b14719f694767d0faf92f654cf66585bcefd8139bf5a33b7ed181

SALAD on Adapools: e29b14719f694767d0faf92f654cf66585bcefd8139bf5a33b7ed181

Pool Operators Guides

If you are a pool operator, or would like to run your own pool, I've got you covered. I've written two guides and two sets of scripts to help install, configure, manage, automate and monitor your pool. These are written for the old Jormungandr node architecture. If the ITNv2 will see the light of day, they could be still useful. As of today consider them obsolete. A new guide for Shelley main-net will be published soon. - Follow @insaladaPool on Twitter for updates.

The first guide is called "Not Another Cardano Guide" : a guide tailored to run a single-node Cardano pool, which comes with a set of scripts to help you with your day to day pool management.

The second guide is called "ITN1 Cluster": a detailed guide with a setup script, to help you install, configure, manage, automate, and monitor a multi-node Cardano pool. This also comes with an expanded and improved set of scripts that make your cluster to take care of itself.