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Reliable Cardano Pool.

Independent. Helping to define the future of society.

Stake with a pool you can trust and earn worry-free rewards.
Support an independent node. Help Cardano decentralization.
Join us & support Open Source with The «Love Back» Initiative.

Stake your ADA with SALAD and earn worry-free rewards

Stake your ADA with a professional pool you can trust. Enjoy return on stake.
Need help? Follow the official guide from the Cardano Foundation.


We only charge for the actual infrastructure costs, to ensure 24/7 operations. A small fee makes it viable, without affecting your ROS.


We keep our delegators informed at all times. Our real-time pool performance and systems status, are always communicated on twitter.


By supporting an independent pool, you help Cardano achieve decentralization. You help the Cardano network resilience and buoyancy.


We are fully invested in and committed to Cardano. We believe it's a groundbreaking technology that will revolutionize the world.


We manage our infrastructure with DevOps, to provide and to sustain 24/7 operations in a timely fashion. A reliable service you can trust.


We are deep-rooted in Cardano. We are in this for the long-term. Contributing an enduring, solid, and dependable segment of the network.

Partake in The «Love Back» Initiative

«Love Back» is our donation program to support Open Source,
and to raise awareness of Cardano at the same time.

Make Your Stake Count. Support Open Source.

We donate 15% of our own rewards to Open Source projects and organizations.

Recurring Donations

Community Voted

Dedicated Wallet

Fully Transparent

Encourage Adoption

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Always be informed about SALAD performance

We keep our delegators informed at all times, under the Light of the Sun.
SALAD offers real-time status, and is available on explorers online.


Soon: infographics & statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our delegators.
For more information please contact us.

Email us your question Send us a tweet Reach out on Telegram

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a third generation blockchain technology. Its native cryptocurrency is ADA. Cardano will soon feature smart contracts, dApps, and provide governance. Learn more here.


What is staking?

To understand staking, and rewards, in no time, watch this informative video. ADAtainment brilliantly explains them all.


How do I stake?

Staking is only a couple of clicks away. Look for our ticker in your wallet, click on delegate and follow the instructions. Only use official wallets and beware of scammers. You can find the correct Ticker and Pool ID at the top of this very page.
Need help? Watch the IOHK how to stake with Daedalus.


What is pledge?

Pledge is a mechanism of the Cardano network, to protect it against a Sybil Attack . Pledge means that pools have skin in the game. Pledge is used to calculate the desirability of pools.


Why are there fees?

Fees cover the infrastructure costs, the work, and the time put into this. To provide a professional service and to ensure an healthy Cardano network. Fees make all the difference for a pool and have a negligible bearing on your rewards and ROS.


What are your fees?

We only charge for the actual infrastructure costs, currently 340₳ per epoch, to ensure 24/7 operations. We apply a 2.5% variable fee, to make our operations viable and sustainable.

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