The «Love Back» Initiative

Support Open Source. Raise awareness of Cardano.

15% of SALAD rewards donated to projects and organizations.
You only need to stake with us. No extra fees. No hidden costs.

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Rationale of The «Love Back» Initiative

Make your stake count and add value to the Cardano ecosystem.

The vast majority of the Open Source ecosystem is comprised of lone core developers. Often living off of donations, tirelessly spending years of their lives, under-compensated, to maintain critical pieces of infrastructures and software that benefits us all 1. These projects often require great commitment, and have a very low budget as a consequence of erratic funding. While many companies and foundations may support Open Source nowadays, most organizations, projects, associations, and individuals, rely on donations to exist. For everyone's benefit.

The «Love Back» Initiative aims to support those projects with less resources, and those organizations that follow the same open source principles. We are by no means a company, let alone big and rich, but every little helps.

Although «Love Back» donations would only be a fraction of those that big companies can offer, we believe it can help both the purpose of supporting projects and the one of raising awareness. We want to make people aware of the scenario described in the opening paragraph. We want to make people aware of projects that are used by millions on a day to day basis, and also smaller ones. We also want it to work the other way around. We want to make the recipients aware of the Cardano ecosystem, ADA, and our beautiful community. It's a win-win situation.

Recipients of The «Love Back» Initiative

The criteria behind the projects selection and their only precondition

The main recipients of the initiative are Open Source projects that rely on donations to support themselves. We prioritize those technologies that everyone benefits daily from (e.g: openssl), and that are maintained by small teams with few resources. We focus on those projects that don't receive big companies attentions and money.

Equally important are the movements and organizations, based on the same Open Source principles, that have spawned over the years. We want to support and donate to the movements and the organizations that fight daily for digital rights and defend license violations in court. We want to support those who want to improve existing establishments, with open access, open science, open research, open data, and open knowledge. Those who fight for a fairer way, with open standards, open formats, freedom of press, open hardware, open education, and more.

We also believe that we live in a time that requires a good dose of skepticism and a lot of debunking. Today more than ever, especially with the recent advancement of deep fakes and of AI. We want to support these efforts too.

We rotate the recipients, according to the schedule. With each cycle, we pay all of the collected funds, from our own rewards and from your donations, into the recipient project ADA wallet. Their only condition? To accept ADA.

Participate in The «Love Back» Initiative

How can you partake and make this all work, for the greater good.

Participating in The «Love Back» Initiative is as simple as staking with our pool. No extra fees on your rewards nor hidden costs. To help us reach our philanthropic goal, you only need to stake with SALAD. If you are feeling generous, we also accept donations to the dedicated «Love Back» wallet, with each cycle of the initiative.

Another component of the participation is voting, to select the donation recipient. The community chooses each recipient with a multi-option poll. Don't feel like voting? Stake, sit back, and let others vote the recipient of the current cycle. The level of involvement is totally up to you, as long as you stake with us to keep the initiative alive.

Voting is initially operated on Google Forms, and announced on Twitter. All polls history is available online for full transparency, on Google Docs under the Poll Link column associated with each cycle. The resulting donation recipient from each poll, or the fallback organization, are available in the adjacent columns to the Poll Link.

In order for The «Love Back» Initiative to be successful, SALAD needs to stabilize at near-saturation staking, to maximize our initiative donations. Follow @insaladaPool on Twitter for updates and news about the initiative.

Schedule of The «Love Back» Initiative

Donating on a regular basis, requires a clear plan

The initiative timing is subordinated to epochs, and adheres to the delegation cycle logic. However, each cycle of the initiative lasts six epochs. This is to accommodate a schedule as close to monthly as possible, as opposed to a shorter single epoch cycle, and to collect more significant funds to donate. This also gives us enough time to take care of the logistics, to research, contact, and educate the recipients into accepting ADA, and to promote Cardano.

Cardano is has 73 epochs per year. However, 73 is a prime number. The fairest schedule we could think of, is one of 12 cycles per year. Each lasting 6 epochs. Dividing 72/12 to achieve an evenly distributed yearly schedule. This leaves epoch 73 out of the picture, and is considered a donation window to our pool for our yearly efforts.

Cycle First Epoch Last Epoch Last Rewards Donation Epoch
01 01 06 10 12
02 07 12 16 18
03 13 18 22 24
04 19 24 28 30
05 25 30 34 36
06 31 36 40 42
07 37 42 46 48
08 43 48 52 54
09 49 54 58 60
10 55 60 64 66
11 61 66 70 72
12 67 72 76 78

With each cycle we rotate the candidates and their dedicated wallet address. We also issue a new poll for your voting, contact and educate the projects about Cardano and into accepting ADA donations. Finally, once the last rewards in the current cycle are in, we pay the full donation to the recipients. A detailed schedule is available here.

Wallet of The «Love Back» Initiative

Secured with an hardware wallet. Transparent transactions.

The «Love Back» Initiative funds are secured with an hardware wallet, which only ever holds the initiative funds.

We rotate one wallet per project, with each cycle of the initiative. Rotating wallets facilitates keeping track of each project funds, and helps with historical and analytic needs. To said address, we move our 15% of each epochs rewards, according to schedule. Said address also accepts ADA donations, if you please. Show current addresses .

Cycle Current Address
01 N/A
02 N/A
03 N/A
04 N/A
05 N/A
06 N/A
07 N/A
08 N/A
09 N/A
10 N/A
11 N/A
12 N/A

The only time funds move out, is when we pay them into the recipient project ADA wallet, according to schedule. The full history of each cycle donations, with all addresses and transactions, is available here, for anyone to check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our delegators.
For more information about «Love Back» please contact us.

Email us your question Send us a tweet Reach out on Telegram

Who is «Love Back»?

«Love Back» is an initiative brought to you by Insalada Stake Pool. Fundamentally, it is only be possible because of you. Your staking with SALAD is what makes this happen.


What is «Love Back»?

«Love Back» is our donation program, aimed to support Open Source projects, and our way to be grateful to the many organizations and projects that make everyone's life better.


When «Love Back»?

«Love Back» officially launched in epoch 239 (2021) and will continue as long as SALAD will be steadily making blocks and will be earning enough rewards to donate.


Where is «Love Back»?

All «Love Back» details are available online. The schedule details, polls history and wallet addresses, are completely transparent. Online, for everyone to check, at all times.


Why «Love Back»?

«Love Back» aims to raise awareness of Cardano, by encouraging the recipients to adopt ADA as valid payment. Adding value to the Cardano ecosystem as a whole.


Does «Love Back» use my rewards?

«Love Back» is funded with a 15% of our own rewards, and it won't affect yours. There are neither extra fees nor hidden costs, for delegators. We do accept donations, if you please.


Why 15% of SALAD rewards?

Initially «Love Back» plan was to donate 5% (double our own fees). We decided to raise our donations to 15%, to provide and support projects with a more substantial amount of ADA.


Does «Love Back» require much work?

You only need to stake with SALAD, to help us mint blocks. With your staking, we can forge blocks and, consequentially, earn rewards to allocate to the initiative.


Why «Love Back» fallback organizations?

Researching, contacting, and evangelizing recipients, is a huge effort. To make every initiative cycle count, we have a list of worthy organizations to fallback to, should we need to.


What if they don't accept ADA?

We move the funds to a wallet for them, and let them know they have money there. While it may take an effort to get them to accept ADA, money is an incentive in itself.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about The «Love Back» Initiative,
feel free to get in touch. We will get back to you shortly.